The Imaginomics Institute



What are "Decision Dramas"?

Decision Dramas revolve around the idea that a conflict exists and a decision must be made.  It has been said: "Life is short and if we don't learn to pause, nothing will catch up with us."  These brief, solution-focused gatherings allow us to celebrate what's working in our lives and to find fruitful adjustments in making our lives work better.

Using the spontaneity of play and drama, issues are explored; and creativity and insight are nourished.  THE FOCUS IS ON:

  • F - Finding our "growing" talents.
  • O - Observing role models who "fail forward."
  • C - Cultivating Christ-centered character.
  • U - Unleashing barriers blocking growth.
  • S - Serving God with passion and joy.

Participants benefit from being part of a safe, trusting extended community where authenticity is honored, and where sensibilities and sensitivities are clarified.